Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here is  a photo from last nights Bris Style Twilight Market. Great atmosphere there - lovely supportive group, beautiful stalls and very pretty with all the twinkling fairy lights. I hope to be there for the December market as well.

Thanks to the people who left me a comment for the calendar giveaway from my last post. I combined them with the comments I had over on Facebook. As there were so many generous ones I felt the need to make the giveaway for 6 calendars instead of the original 3. The person who recieves one from blogger is Caroline from 'justbeyou' so if you could contact me with your details I will get it out to you next week - thank you! :)


  1. Oh your stall looks so pretty with the lights on, i bet it was lovely all lit up at night!!

  2. Thanks Micki! :) There is no electricity available in the square where the market is so all the lights are battery powered. It was quite a challenge to get it to that level of brightness.

    1. Blimey that must have been a challenge doing it all battery powered, looks awesome though!! :o)

  3. Hello Lindy :)

    I am so trilled to have been picked to receive your Calender. I have sent
    you a note with my contact details on Facebook.

    What an amazing gift you have bestowed upon me, thank you a million times
    and more xxx

  4. Lucky winner! Your stall looks so pretty I wish I could have been there to see it for real. :)
    Jess x