Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello again! I'm back to show a few paintings in progress and the next three commissions that I will be working on. The painting above is called "Unravel", and the paintings below are " Wandering Star" and "Heirloom". Still going a bit nutty over the patchworking theme. I'll come out of it shortly.

The commission sketches are for two mandalas and a canvas painting. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into a mandala for a change and using pencils again. 


  1. I love the patchwork quilty one. the colours and everything are lovely.
    Miss seeing your works in person.

  2. Lindy, i just realized that your quilt contains many of your other paintings. How neat is that!!! cool!

  3. Hi Rita,
    I put them into the quilt because I've had a couple of people ask me for my artwork on fabric to do exactly that. Its something I'm thinking of providing eventually as well - prints on fabric.

  4. I love to see all your workings out. It's like watching alcmemy, the starting sketches ending up a beautiful piece! :)
    Jess xx