Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello again! I'm back to show a few paintings in progress and the next three commissions that I will be working on. The painting above is called "Unravel", and the paintings below are " Wandering Star" and "Heirloom". Still going a bit nutty over the patchworking theme. I'll come out of it shortly.

The commission sketches are for two mandalas and a canvas painting. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into a mandala for a change and using pencils again. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

If you go down to the woods today....

Just finished this very large painting for Louise and her family. Its so big it doesnt fit in my car and is being picked up in the morning by the courier. 

I thought I would show the progress pics as well.

So with that crossed off the list - tomorrow it is 3 sketches for three other commissions that people have been waiting patiently for. I will post them here as well as a couple of works that I am playing with on the side...all in progress of course.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"The Healing Place"
45 x 90 cm
Acrylic, Paper and Ink on Canvas
Original Sold

Hello!! :)
Long time no see. I had some family issues and then I went away for a week. Now I'm back and doing the big catch up again...way behind of course but getting there.
I wanted to show you what I was playing with before I left. A friend of mine gave me a big bag of fabric odds and ends - mainly trimmings and lace which I am going to work into my paintings - nothing like a bit of added texture. She also gave me a couple of her art boxes which I then paper patchworked and added some of the trimmings to - (see the pictures below).

In the same week I finished off the painting above for Erin. Again a little bit of collage-ing and lots of doodling. There is more to come as well but first I will be finishing off several commissions and working on other projects.

I have so many ideas bubbling away its hard to get it all down at once and sometimes you have to strike while the inspiration is fresh so you carry the original spark. Other ideas sit quietly - growing daily with little attention. The good thing is it doesnt seem to dry out (!) (not yet anway) - you can always reach in and find something. Its so exciting - inspiration, creativity- when its in  the flow - its in the flow.