Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New commission work in progress. I thought you might like to see more detailed images of the process! :).


  1. wow! your work is so special! I just don't get tired of saying that. You are one of my all time favorite artists if not my very favorite. The world is blessed by your art! You have an amazing gift that you share with others. I dont normally gush over artists because its usually hard to find the words. But with your art it is so easy to say how wonderful it is.
    Warmly, Rita Loyd

  2. I'm from TAHITI, French Polynsesia. I knew your paints by the site "La petite douceur" (Nicole Charest).
    I want to say to you un big big THANK YOU !!! Il love so much what you do. Il love all, but my favorite is the 4 sisters. It's wonderful, your work is exceptionnal.
    Excuse my bad english.... no words to tell you what I feel : admiration, emotions.... it's fabulous.
    How buy some ?

  3. Dear Rita,
    Thank you so much for your very encouraging comments!It really is so generous of you and I appreciate it
    I also received your beautiful gift in the mail - and look forward to reading your book. The healing art cards are gorgeous and I will definately be putting them to use.
    Thanks Rita!! :)

  4. Hi Leila! welcome to my blog and glad you stumbled upon my art work. Thanks also for your appreciation!! :)
    I have an Etsy shop online if you are interested and you can find the link within my blog.
    Thanks again! Lindy