Friday, February 10, 2012

This is the first illustration for the book I am working on with Benjamin Wynn . The book is titled "The Dream Skin" and this will be the front cover.


  1. Gorgeous illustration...and the book title alone sounds fascinating! Any idea of the publication date?

  2. So very beautiful as always! I do plan on buying your first book in etsy and some other things.
    By the way Lindy, were you able to put me in the schedule for a mandalla one day?
    And don't forget to give me your address for some cards. Would you like my book too?
    Warmly, Rita Loyd

  3. Hi Rita, I scheduled the mandala in for early May. I have sent a couple of emails about it - not sure if they are reaching you..? I also sent my address with your prints last week and would definately like to recive your book - thank you! :)

  4. Hi Ash,
    No idea yet - but basically as soon as I finish off the images - probably middle of the year some time. I will be posting each one up as I go.
    Lindy :)

  5. No, I haven't received any personal emails except after etsy order. Glad I asked. My best email address is
    Is that the address you used?
    If so, try
    I will write back in same day if I receive it.

    That's good you included your address with the prints. I will ship out cards and book as soon as I get it.

    I am excited my mandala is scheduled for may! I haven't received an invoice for it yet though. I also may order a mandala for my best friend who is so sick. Poor thing. She loves animals and I know she would love one of your mandallas. Sle loves every animal on the earth, especially cats of all kind.

    Warmly, Rita

  6. Ooh that's very exciting!!
    Your artwork is perfect for a book, I know I would love to see a book with your gorgeous work in it :)

  7. Precioso me encantó la composición, un beso.

  8. OOOh i adore the book cover & the book itself sounds very intriguing!