Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello :)!!
Some new things this week on my market stall and on the drawing board.....at the moment I am not getting much finished just started.

Six weeks to go for the illustrations in the book and 11 images to finish!! Several commissions to complete...many running behind schedule. I don't think I ever talk about anything else on this blog besides running late and whats happening with the weather (still beautiful by day and a little cold at night :)).

Hopefully it's the images that are keeping regulars visiting and not the conversation (!)


  1. I like you new artworks, especially the movement of the figures, the fresh colours and the unicorn.
    I believe you'll manage with everything on time! It's not that bad to have a lot of work - you love yours, so you'll succeed!
    By the way I'm in a similar situaton - too many participations in different projects, connected with 1st of June - the International Children's Day...:)

  2. Melanie from Perth25/5/11 10:05 AM

    Morning Lindy
    I still take a peek every morning with my cup of tea to see if anything new. Cant wait for the book. I will definately be ordering a copy. My twins will be born in 2 weeks time, so next year I will have to order another commission!
    Take care, Melanie

  3. Melanie (in Texas!)22/10/11 2:06 PM

    Love the paintings in the little white frames!