Thursday, April 07, 2011

30 x 40 cm

Mixed media on canvas

Original Sold

At a market a few months ago a lady came up to me and started browsing through my artwork. She was mainly interested in mermaid stuff and she looked a bit mermaid like herself - long flowy hair with long limbs and long fingers and striking pale blue eyes. She chatted with me for a bit and casually mentioned that 'the mermaids' were telling her that my real name was Neroli and that I should change it back! Ive heard a lot of unusual things at the markets and this was another one :)!. Anyway, being far too attached to my identity as a "Lindy' that will not change, but in honour of all the "Neroli's" out there - mermaid or not, here is a painting for you. (PS...This is not a self portrait)


  1. I do like mermaids myself and although my hair aspires that way, I'm not much of a swimmer! Neroli sounds like a lovely name, maybe you could name a painting after it? ;)xx

  2. I love your mermaid, they do hold such a fascination for me! What a funny thing for someone to say to you, though i agree with Jessie it is a lovely name.