Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello ! :)
Things that are new and things that are in progress... At the moment I still have a mountain of unanswered emails, commissions lined up till July and the books I'm working on for illustrations. Its a busy time of year for markets with school holidays and Easter just around the corner. . plus every now and then...just to procrastinate, I like to do something of my own.

I've started making larger prints on blocks and there are some new pendants added over in my etsy shop. I have new earrings available as well that I am currently selling at the markets. Hope to get a lot of new paintings done this year ( my spare time..). Started on "The White Wolf" which you can see the beginnings of below.


  1. Gracias por pasar, me dio mucho gusto, tus trabajos siempre hermosos, un abrazo.

  2. Lovely to have commissions until the summer! Your work is so happy I love to come to visit here. :) xx