Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another year gone and another belated Happy Christmas and New Year to you all!! :0).
I hope that yours has been good, cheery and relatively stress free.....(as it should be :)).

My A4 printer finally packed it's been running so well for a few years now and I had to give in, upgrade and order an A3 printer. Large prints will start to emerge now....I know some people will be happy about that.

Also - I have finally finished the Selkies painting which I started a few years ago (!). It's absence has created a teensy bit more room in my teensy tiny studio - hopefully this year will see a lot of those paintings that were started in previous years - finished - as well as many new ones begun that sit patiently waiting in my sketch book.

Acrylic on Canvas

90 x 120cm

Original Sold.

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  1. Really good work, and the colors are very awesome. I like it!!!.I adore the acrilycs.