Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hello! :) Even though I am busy , busy with commissions, wholesale orders, markets and Etsy I spent some time today making some letter writing sets. They are so sweet and I will eventually do a few different themes - like elephants, cats, owls, and mermaids.

I have a stack of things to do but I hope to get out some more originals before Christmas like the one above "Kindred". There are a few others as I will see how I go. This weekend I will be at both the Eumundi Market on Saturday,and the Young Designers Market in Brisbane (Southbank) on Sunday.


  1. Oh Wow, I have just discovered you through Gail Burtons blog. I am starting my own felt Mandala making and I think I like the idea of Zentangles or rather zendalas. Love your work, so beautifully executed and dream like. Reminds me of Chagall. You have definitely inspired me. Thanks Tricia

  2. Really love that work in progress, how utterly divine :)