Monday, June 21, 2010

"The Mango Tree"
45 x 90cm ( 17.5 x 35 inches)
Mixed media on canvas

Original sold.

I may not have a tiger in my backyard but I do have a mango tree - along with some bananas and plenty of tall palms. Its a novelty for me as Ive always been surrounded by eucalypts and in this yard there isn't even one (!). So, in celebration of one of my favourite fruits, I've done a painting of a family of three under a mango tree with a tiger thrown in for good measure. Hope you like it :)!!


  1. In a world full of pain,
    your paintings are
    winds of hope.
    Wonderful as always.
    A hug

  2. I absolutely love your work Lindy! I love all of the detail and colour in everything you do! I find your mandalas to be especially inspiring :)
    I can't wait to see more of your work,

  3. If you have any spare mangoes send them on down here, please.
    I love mangos!

  4. Beautiful colours ! As We say in France, c'est magnifique !

  5. Lovely mandalas, and all your work is beautiful! It would be perfect to have one as a cover for my poetry book, if I ever get it published! It's tentatively titled, "Music, Light, Color: God's Mandala." I would have a hard time choosing, although the butterly mandala caught my eye.