Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You may be wondering what I've been upto...seeing how I hardly ever update.
I've just listed new rings in my etsy shop ( see below). I've had them available for a while at markets but I just hadn't got around to listing them yet.

I am also still working on 4 commissions - and that is why I haven't posted any new works for the dream series lately. Two of those should be done over the next couple of days. Amrita and Melanie have been waiting for ages now.

The markets are still happening - weekly - at Eumundi (Sunshine Coast QL). There has been lots of rain and 'weather' in general that I have had to readjust too especially coming from the southern states which seem to be dryer. They tell me that I am in the tropics here so get used to it and appreciate the warmth instead of the cold :)! Fair enough. Eumundi is quite a chaotic sprawling market and huge as well...its easy to get lost there - so if you do visit please seek me out...I exist somewhere amongst all that.

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