Monday, October 05, 2009

A new personal mandala...

"Leonie and Christian"
25 x 25cm
Mixed media on paper.


  1. thank you so much lovely lindy for this beautiful mandala, we absolutely love it, and it is such a wonderful way to celebrate our love and this magical journey we are on together. we have it hanging in our bedroom now in our mermaid's cove :)

  2. This is so lovely!!! Beautiful colours and such a happy expression on both!!! So much detail too, wonderful work!

  3. Hi, I love your work, is beatiful, sorry I'don't speek english, by ..
    greetings paty

  4. Hi, Your work is so vibrant and stunning, I just had to put your lovely blog on my creative site list.
    I hope this is ok?
    Your work is truly magical and fun!;)
    Best wishes, Jo May.

    P.S I'm also following you!;)

  5. I just popped over from Joanne May's sight and what an honor it is to be here...your mandalas are absolutely beautiful. I feel so blessed.

    Much love and please come visit my blog sometime...

  6. This mandala is so beautiful, positive and inspirational, just like all of your work!

    Bless you!

    Love, Timea