Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Although I have a hundred billion things that I must do besides paint my own paintings this particular painting was calling out loud and clear today - 'get me started'(!!!). I picked out 3 canvases to work on - dabbling a bit of paint here and there but by the end of the session the one above got my full attention. She looks like she's waiting for a bus but in fact she's contemplating disappearing into another world. It's called "Portal".

Rabbit's aren't the most popular animal in Australia, they cause a a lot of problems for native wildlife and they reproduce too quickly...however..there is something magical about a land in between that show a unicorn and a rabbit popping their head's out to invite you in. Wonder if she will make it..??

Below is a picture from this past weekend's fair at Leura. Wow what a busy couple of days and so much positive feedback- it was fantastic - thank you :). I stole the picture below directly from
planettreasures blog...so thanks in advance Tess :) (!!)


  1. Wonderful...she reminds me of me today when I thought I had slipped into a parallel universe on my way to work...no joke...it was crazy.


  2. Gorgeous painting - I love the oval backing :D

  3. I think we'd all like to disappear with a rabbit and a unicorn sometimes!

    And you're very welcome to use my photot - I'm glad I took it!