Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello People :)
I've done a couple of new paintings this week that were intended for the Mountain Makers Etsy Exhibit . This is a local arts and crafts show that we are putting on this weekend in Glenbrook. However they sold already (which I am of course very happy about :)) so I'm busily trying to finish at least one more. The one above is called "Dream Tree". I thought it was about time I did a dreaming tree. The branches are holding fairies and elves and the girl at the tree stands beside a unicorn. There will be lots of little added details in there as I go to make it a little more magical and/or mystical.


  1. What a gorgeous painting, already! She has the sweetest face. Looking forward to seeing it finished. :-)

  2. Looks very cool! Congratulations!

  3. I love this concept - and I love your work :)

  4. Beautiful painting. I look forward to seeing it completed.:)
    I really like your use of colour.
    You are lucky to live in Australia. I really miss it!
    Best wishes.;)
    Jo May.