Thursday, May 28, 2009

60 x 75 cm (25 x 29 inches)
Acrylic and collage on Canvas

Original Now Sold.

I had my second all nighter for this week and got "
Windsong" finished. I don't know about anyone else but there are no distractions and no procrastinating in the middle of the night . I never work more solidly then through the night. The next day can be a bit ordinary but at least I feel I have been productive.

The colours of the original are much more contrasting then in the scan. The blue, as you can see below, is brighter and more vibrant and so is the red.The purple is a little lighter. I really like the way it has turned out - I don't often use reds but I do love the contrast of the purple, red and green.

Update : The painting found a new home and has gone to live side by side with "Dream By The river" and "By The Pool". We observed that the trio of paintings had water in common - a still pool, a flowing river and a rocky ocean. Although the colours were different the three looked perfect together.


  1. Your painting is beautiful, just love it! I also do a lot of my painting during the night when the family is asleep.

    Well done, beautiful vibrant colours too.

    Cheers Val

  2. She is beautiful Lindy, and I'm sure she'll be re-homed very soon. BTW, I blogged about you and your art - hope you don't mind?

    Gail x

  3. Just gorgeous, Lindy, just gorgeous. I'd buy her in a second if the funds were available. :-)

  4. My God, that is DIVINE! Thank-you for your work, especially this. I've shown hubby and now he has to get me anything and everything you sell at etsy with this on it!


  5. It's beautiful, I love red and purple together!