Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time for a little update.

Still no new pics...but today I found out that I am having a small exhibition of works in early March so I will definately be putting out some of the new works over the next few weeks. Not only that, but I have finally quit the last part time job I had. So now I have 100% time to commit to my's a very exciting step for me - embracing art full time.

As soon as I decided to leave I had 4 commissions arrive nicely to my doorstep and I will be finishing these over the next few weeks also (thank you to those people :)!) Sometimes you have to leave one thing to make room for the next.

The interview with Francesca Durham was done a couple of weeks ago now - and for anyone who is interested in hearing more about the process involved in the making of my mandalas it is available for download at her website. Francesca has a wonderful interviewing technique that helped relax my initial nerves but I still managed to say 'um..' about 1000 times throughout the discussion.

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