Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I get the feeling that my regular readers may be dwindling somewhat :)...due to my lack of posts. So I thought I better give an update of what is going on although there are not many finished paintings to post. I'm currently working on 8 paintings at once so they will start to appear over the next few weeks hopefully. I have decided to do some market stalls in the lead up to Christmas so I will keep places and dates posted as I work out where I will be off to next. I will be displaying a few originals but mostly prints and cards, mounted prints and magnets at they sell well for me. (Update: I will be at Glenbrook Markets on Saturday the 17th Nov. from 9am - 2pm - markets are located within the Glenbrook Primary School, lower Blue Mountains)

As for other news I recently participated in the Carrington Art Fair in Katoomba and met a lovely couple from Singapore who bought up a lot of my stock and are now selling it out of their shop - Faeries Retreat -in Singapore.

I have also been approached by a colour therapist from Canada - Francesca Durham - who will be interviewing me in January about my mandala artwork. The interview will be broadcast on blog talk radio so when I have a final date I will post it here also. I am rather nervous about it but it will be a great opportunity to speak more in depth - giving a richer background - to share what I do and where my inspirations are coming from.


  1. I'd love to see your paintings emerge!

    I'm so happy to of found your blog here :) I love your work! I've hearted so many of your prints on Etsy, I've got to get off the fence and make up my mind :P

    But really, your work speaks to me, its spiritual and unique and well.. makes me happy :)


  2. I'm still checking in on a regular basis, just in case there is something new for me to drool over... how cool to see all those works in progress. Lots of pink! :-) Maia