Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today we finally set up the exhibition at the Niche Nosh Cafe in Katoomba. After a few delays it was well worth it - it looks lovely!! The cafe has beautiful pink and orange walls and it just looks wonderful. I'm very happy with it. The owners were so great drilling holes wherever we needed them so that everything fitted together just fine - and they were happy with the way the paintings blended in to their overall themes as well. Everyone was happy . Thanks to Kate who is curating cafe art in the mountains :)!.
The exhibition will run from now until the end of September. Niche Nosh Cafe is located at the top end of Katooma Street just down from the Carrington Hotel.


  1. Wow!! Beautiful, I love how the colors blend with the place, i'm glad I stopped by :)

  2. your work is gorgeous! it's great to see it hanging on the walls too!