Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things in progress...slowly getting back to work - work. 
Here we have "The Bower Bird", "Circus", "Magic Carpet
Ride" and a book illustration from 'The Dream Skin' (Benjamin Wynn).

Satin Bower Bird Nest
(image from Andrea Zampitella's Blog )


  1. I hope you've settled into your new home nicely Lindy! I can't imagine what an upheaval it must be getting all your art materials ready to use again. Good to see you making your lovely artwork! xx

  2. Lindy, I'm an admirer of your work since a while back - you probably won't remember but you sent me a few bits and pieces a few years ago when I was visiting family overseas and wanted to bring some small gifts. Anyway I was just thinking I wanted to post some images of your paintings on Facebook and so on to share with friends and I was wondering if that's all okay with you? I would of course post your name and the link to your website as well.

    Best wishes to you and may your new home be a wonderful place to nurture you and your amazing creative abilities.


  3. I found your facebook page! So I'll just share directly from there. Thanks Lindy, and thank you for beautifying our world! :D