Monday, February 20, 2012

"Positive Thought"
40 x 50 cm
Mixed media on Canvas

Original Sold


  1. wow! how do you come up with all your ideas! you truly do amazing work!!
    As an artist it seems like you could do anything you wanted.
    Sometime on you blog, could you tell us what are your goals as an artist? Is there anything that you havent accomplished that you would like to?
    Rita Loyd

  2. Thanks Rita! It's a very affirming thing for you to say to me and I really appreciate it - thank you :)

    I think like with anything - the ideas come when your'e in a flow - the more you do the more comes - something like that. It's a little bit like exercise - you kind of get in shape.
    One idea leads to another. I find I can pick out a word or hear a word around me and it will unravel an image instantly. The more receptive you become to those images the more often they seem to happen.

    I will definately make a post about my goals as an artist - thanks for asking. It's actually good to be prompted because after all these years of having a blog I still don't say much about what I do(!).

  3. Lindy,

    Thanks for your answer. it seems like you are really really in the zone. And you could be as famous as you wanted to be.
    Have you done any magazine covers with your art? I have done over 80 regional covers in U.S. and in Canada for holistic health magazines. they are a good way to get free exposure. the magazines dont usually pay me money but i have recently started charging a small fee. but they always give artist credit and artist statement. Not all magazines use art for covers but if you like i can send you a list of magazines in the U.S. that do and you can contact them and see if they would like to use your healing art. One magazine that is carried in over fifty cities is called NAtural Awakenings. i think they might really love your work. I got all my covers by contacting these different magazines.

    Another thought is if you could find a person to help you get licensing deals for your art images. But are you ready to be famous? I think a licensing company would love you! But what if you didnt have time to do personal madallas? so that is one reason i ask what are your goals. the gratification you receive from doing personal wonderful healing mandalas or world success and money. i think you could have anything you wanted.
    Warmly, Rita