Friday, February 03, 2012

Hello :)
Just drawn the winners from my first blog giveaway. Thank you so much to the people who left me a comment - I really appreciated it.

The three people who are welcome to choose three prints each from my dream series are: Selina, Rita and Melanie. If you could get in touch with me with your choices and an address that would be great.

Having people contribute made me feel like I didn't want to let anyone down for making the effort. So I have decided to give all of the people who left comments gifts. This is my first giveaway - a long way in the making - and I think that that is fitting.

For the other people who left comments I would like to give each of you a necklace - again with your choice of image in it. The pendant is a 1 inch bronze square so when choosing your image keep in mind that it will have to be cropped to fit that shape (See image below - it doesn't mean that the original image has to be square - if it is rectangular you will just lose some from the top and bottom but I will center it properly so that you get the main image). Again if you could get in touch with me with your choices and address I will start making them for you.

The people who will receive a necklace are: Tammarra C, Jo C, Judit,
Bhargavi, Cristie, Rosa, Susan, and Erin.

Thanks again everybody!! :)


  1. How about Longing or Friendship? Would those work?

    Thanks so much!

  2. OMG!!! That is super generous of you.. I am going crazy deciding on the print i want in the pendant! Thanks so much - will mail you on my choice.

  3. Hi Susan, Longing or Friendship is fine as is a lot of the images really - they don't have to be square - but I will crop them so that you get the important part of the image in.

  4. Thank you Lindy for your generosity! I will e-mail you my choice and address soon.

  5. Yuuuuupi!!!!
    Thank you so much Lindy.
    I´m so happy !!!!
    I choose " A New Beginning ".I think it is appropiate for this moment in my life.
    My name and adress is:
    Rosa Gómez Pardo
    Avd Blasco Ibáñez nº2 pta 7
    46940 Manises
    Valencia- SPAIN/ ESPAÑA
    You are a really nice person.
    I wish your life is full of "cosas bonitas":o)

  6. Lindy,

    You made my day! I have emailed you my choices and address.Thank you again!

    Warmly, Rita Loyd

  7. Lindy,

    I am enjoying your blog so much!
    As a thank you for my prints, I would like to send you an assortment of my greeting cards if you would like. If so just email me your address. I would also like to send you my book but I know you are way too busy to ever read it.

    Warmly, Rita Loyd

  8. Thank you Rita! I would appreciate that very much. I'll email my address.

  9. Aww thanks so much!!! That is lovely! I would like the happy house boat picture if that's ok.
    How do I find your email address to send you my home address?

  10. The best email address to reach me on, if need be is