Friday, July 25, 2008

60 x 75 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Now Sold

I will be exhibiting at Bramaer Gallery in Springwood from the 19th September through to the 5th of October - and , like last years exhibition, I will be sharing the three rooms of the gallery with another female artist. I hope to exhibit around 15 works - many of them new (fingers crossed).

Anyway - here is the first painting - more to come.

I have also included the sketch to show the differences between a spontaneous 30 second drawing and the overall outcome in painted form. It's interesting that no matter how rough the sketch the essence of the image is always stronger (to me) in the sketch then the painting.

Even though I am happy with the outcome of this painting - and the sweetness of it - I see more of what of what I would have liked in the sketch. Mainly in the appearance of the girl herself.

In the sketch she seems more unconscious - more led along her path by something else, less in control of where she's going. I see that in the angle of her head and in the drooping of her shoulders. How her arms tuck into her body - and the flow of the body in general.


  1. It's beautiful, Lindy.
    It's very gentle, wistful, definitely dreamy!

  2. Its a very nice work, as all your blog, love it. !!!

  3. I do this too, but I think the essence still comes through in the final piece, even if it looks different. There's a rawness with a quick line drawing which I think will always be different once colour has been added. This painting is beautiful!x

  4. There is an award for you on my blog :)

    I love your new piece, I understand the feeling of trying to keep the energy of the sketch in a completed painting. I think it turned out lovely, and wishing you the best on your new exhibit!