Monday, March 10, 2008

Thought I would give a little 'show' of my studio space...keep in mind I haven't given it a tidy up before hand. When I start any new body of work I like to get it in order but at the moment I'm still in between so it remains a bit of a mess. I don't tend to paint in here though. I like to follow the sun around the house during the day and the only sun I get in this room is from the west at the end of the day when it sets...directly in my face.

Above is the dog's bed, with sleeping Frank, and my main desk with all the computer stuff plus other bits and pieces for cutting gluing, writing etc etc. The paintings on the walls are not mine but are other artists that I have been collecting including Linda Norton, Diana Grappassonno, and Wendy Ryan.

During the day I have a beautiful view out into the bush and into a very steep gully. All sorts of Australian birds - parrots, lorikeets, cockatoos and so on make a lot of noise to create a pleasant enough atmosphere.

Above and below are a couple of easels with works in progress and my table for printing - plus my second puppy-scruff - Louie ( also sleeping).

I have all my paints in the little plastic trolley which I can cart all round the house and I store all my printing papers, inks and smaller canvases in the white cupboard - as well as portfolios and larger flat items.

In the shelves above I store supplies for my cards including loose cards, envelopes and plastic sleeves - as well as postage ietms. In the boxes on the right are all the cards (!)...yes quite a few there. Above the boxes are canvases waiting their turn to be painted on.

So there you go - 4 walls completely covered.

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  1. I really enjoyed 'visiting' your studio thanks so much for sharing it! I love the colours you surround yourself with and I didn't realise how big your paintings actually were!